The Challenge...

As the pandemic struck, GP practices had to change the way they dealt with patients; no longer could they sit around in waiting rooms or see a doctor without a telephone consultation first. A new website was needed for The Ridge Medical Practice to overcome this challenge, in order to reduce face-to-face appointments, encourage patients to self-diagnose alongside housing useful NHS external links and local healthcare support.

Research and Analysis

The first step was to understand how the audience interacted with the current website in order to identify opportunities. This exercise included: – Google Analytic research – understanding user flow, drop off points, entry points, devices etc. – Heat maps – to have clear idea what users were interacting with and what elements were getting higher interaction In order to gain a broader understanding of the market Krewe also undertook the following: – Competitor benchmarking – to fully understand the broader context Further to this research, it was apparent that users predominantly used the website for: – Booking an appointment – Repeated prescriptions – Contact details for the other branches – Information on current affairs, such as COVID Upon completion of this study, the findings were analysed using: – Affinity diagrams – giving structure to shapeless data in order to form groups with meaning. A tool which would aid with site map and navigation planning This analysis was used to build up a view of what content needed to be on the new website. Although the business objective of reducing face-to-face of appointments had to be the clear focus for the new website, users also wanted to have easy access to book appointments and therefore was crucial not to alienate them but re-educate.


Within this phase the following were created: – User flow – considering how the user will flow through the website, including entry and exit points and what content needed to be on which page – Site map – including all pages and relevant content based on user flow – Navigation – considering global and local navigation As the new websites purpose is to encourage patients to research a condition before booking an appointment, it was key to create helpful suggestions, links to relevant conditions, help and advice as well as providing online consultations via the use of webGP. This functionality had to be easily accessible throughout the website.

Wireframes & Prototypes

On receiving client approval Krewe progressed to the wireframes; all pages were wireframed including desktop, mobile and menu. To encourage users to search a condition or book an appointment, a search bar functionality was incorporated onto the website, along with a search pop out tab that was constantly visible while interacting with the website. As per the objectives, a key consideration was to ensure hierarchy of content, yet in addition to this traditional user behaviours were factored in.

End Product

To visualise the wireframes, medium fidelity prototypes were created in Invision. This allows those trialling to navigate and flow through the website as though it were live. This process aims to highlight if there are any issues that need to be addressed before handing over to the design and development team.

The UI and website development were completed by the Krewe team. A key feature of the website is the search functionality. With time and increased data, this site will learn and adapt, better understanding what users are searching for and creating a more interactive search bar with the ability to ask questions.

“Our experience with Krewe has been excellent from start to finish, communication between us and Emma and her team has always been very prompt and they have been extremely adaptable to our unique requests and change requests. We are delighted with the finished product and have been confidently directing more and more of our patients to our website knowing they will be able to easily find what they need. All in all a very positive and simple transition with a forward thinking organisation and at a competitive price too.”

Liz Wilson - Patient Experience Manager @ The Ridge Medical Practice